How Pot Can Help People Endure Certain Diseases

medical-marijuanaAs you all may already know, I have had very good experiences using pot to help alleviate two very serious medical conditions that I was forced to endure for years. The first was anxiety related and the second was chronic migraines. I’m very happy with the results that I have gotten from the continuous use of marijuana but I’m also very upset with the fact that it hasn’t become more readily available to people with health problems that can be more easily endured or even eliminated by smoking a little weed. When I was doing a little research online I found that the pot I was smoking for my anxiety was most likely the reason why my migraines had subsided, yet it was never even mentioned by my doctor when non of my other medications would work. Take a look at all of the health issues that pot can have an enduring beneficial effect on.

Pot has been proven to be extremely effective against health problems that cause a lot of pain. Basically, pot will stop your brain from being able to transmit pain signals as quickly and effectively. The best part about smoking pot for pain is, that unlike other meds, pot won’t completely numb you and make you lose all sensation, it will just lessen the severity of the pain. Diseases like cancer, peripheral neuropathy, spinal cord damage, cohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis are more easily managed by simply smoking a little pot. Cancer patients also do much better when they smoke pot after chemotherapy because it stops them with the terrible waves of nausea.

Weed has also been proven to help control and even prevent the spread of diseases that aren’t associated with pain. Glaucoma is an eye problem that often effects older people. Over time if it’s untreated, it will lead to blindness. People with this disease who smoke pot regularly have shown amazing improvements in eye site. They have proven that this is because pot actually prevents the body from creating the chemical that causes the disease to progress.

People with epilepsy have also shown amazing improvements when they were given medical marijuana. The severity and amount of seizures that they had regularly was reduced.

Aside from physical health problems, people with mental issues, especially people like me who have anxiety related problems get a lot of help from pot. Problems like, generalized anxiety, panic disorder, IBS and even post traumatic stress disorder get some relive from weed.

It’s so clear how helpful pot smoking can be to so many people and yet there is such a stigma that prevents us from getting it easily. I personally believe that the laws in place are just ridiculous!

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