Most Common Weed Myths

Marijuana has received the negative side of the media and the public, and is due to the irresponsible use of the substance. As a result of this, myths regarding cannabis have been spread around causing people to have the wrong impression. In fact, a majority of these myths are simply untrue and are based on no facts. Some know that the effects of marijuana are in fact very helpful for those with a poor health condition, and are actually healthier than alcohol. Below are some common myths that have been circulating, and are simply not true.

  1. Driving after consuming cannabis is worse than drunk driving – According to statistics, on average 28% of all traffic deaths are due to drunk driving. There are way less cannabis related deaths. Cannabis chickDriving a car while you’re stoned is really dangerous and nobody should ever do that, but we suspect that cannabis users are really aware of this. However, since drinking is so normal in our culture, many people still drink a couple of drinks even though they know that they still need to drive home.
  2. Legalizing marijuana will not hurt drug traffickers – This myth is not true, data has shown that drug cartels estimate 40% of their revenue is from marijuana alone. Legalizing marijuana for sale, decreases the market share for the cartel and in turn improves the country’s economy.
  3. Marijuana is the stepping stone for harder drugs – Several studies from several organizations have proved this wrong, the main logic behind this thinking is that most users of hard drugs originally started with marijuana. However, they do not account the number of users who did not move to harder drugs. In comparison, the numbers are significantly different.
  4. Marijuana make teenagers prone to troublemaking – This myth was based on a misconception in the past, and is the reason many believe this is true. However, a study of over 10,000 students in 1980 proved that it does not make teenagers troublemakers. It’s just that some teenagers are far more rebellious and willing to make trouble than others.

Marijuana has many myths surrounding, however most are usually untrue and simply based on no facts. While there are certainly people out there who understand the truth of cannabis, only some of them use them for their benefits. Fortunately, more and more research is being done to support cannabis and their effects. And as the studies further prove the positive effects, the results will help debunk these myths and shine a positive light on cannabis for the world to see.

How Pot Can Help People Endure Certain Diseases

medical-marijuanaAs you all may already know, I have had very good experiences using pot to help alleviate two very serious medical conditions that I was forced to endure for years. The first was anxiety related and the second was chronic migraines. I’m very happy with the results that I have gotten from the continuous use of marijuana but I’m also very upset with the fact that it hasn’t become more readily available to people with health problems that can be more easily endured or even eliminated by smoking a little weed. When I was doing a little research online I found that the pot I was smoking for my anxiety was most likely the reason why my migraines had subsided, yet it was never even mentioned by my doctor when non of my other medications would work. Take a look at all of the health issues that pot can have an enduring beneficial effect on.

Pot has been proven to be extremely effective against health problems that cause a lot of pain. Basically, pot will stop your brain from being able to transmit pain signals as quickly and effectively. The best part about smoking pot for pain is, that unlike other meds, pot won’t completely numb you and make you lose all sensation, it will just lessen the severity of the pain. Diseases like cancer, peripheral neuropathy, spinal cord damage, cohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis are more easily managed by simply smoking a little pot. Cancer patients also do much better when they smoke pot after chemotherapy because it stops them with the terrible waves of nausea.

Weed has also been proven to help control and even prevent the spread of diseases that aren’t associated with pain. Glaucoma is an eye problem that often effects older people. Over time if it’s untreated, it will lead to blindness. People with this disease who smoke pot regularly have shown amazing improvements in eye site. They have proven that this is because pot actually prevents the body from creating the chemical that causes the disease to progress.

People with epilepsy have also shown amazing improvements when they were given medical marijuana. The severity and amount of seizures that they had regularly was reduced.

Aside from physical health problems, people with mental issues, especially people like me who have anxiety related problems get a lot of help from pot. Problems like, generalized anxiety, panic disorder, IBS and even post traumatic stress disorder get some relive from weed.

It’s so clear how helpful pot smoking can be to so many people and yet there is such a stigma that prevents us from getting it easily. I personally believe that the laws in place are just ridiculous!

Is It Legal In The UK To Order Cannabis Seeds?


This is a question that I hear a lot. Most people have no idea whether or not cannabis seeds are legal to keep in the UK. This is probably due to the fact that there are so many different laws that revolve around hemp and hemp based products.

The truth of the matter is that both hemp and cannabis seeds are completely legal in the United Kingdom. You can order and own as many hemp seeds as you want from any strain that you want. I actually have a fairly large collection of my own.

The important thing to remember is that although you are technically allowed to own weed seeds, you can not sell or grow the actual hemp. This is one of the major problems that many people in the UK face. In fact the small amount of people who are allowed to grow hemp are held to some very strict conditions.

For instance, if you want to legally use your cannabis seeds to grow hemp, you will need to get a license. You will need to prove to the government that the strain of weed you are growing is a low THC plant. You will also need to prove to them why it is you are growing the plant and what you plan on doing with it. Keep in mind that a growing license is also very expensive.

So, although it is perfectly legal to order and own weed seeds in the UK, there is not much else that you can do with them.

How Smoking Weed Helped Me With My Migraines


Last week I talked about the anxiety disorders that I suffer from and how smoking pot has helped me endure them. Another problem that I have been dealing with since I was 16 is migraines. At first I didn’t even know what they were. I mean, I always assumed that migraines were basically just headaches on steroids but mine started out with no pain at all. What would happen is that my peripheral vision would become very blurry. It almost seemed like that part of my eye was under water. The second one didn’t happen until almost 3 months after the first. I mentioned it to my doctor and he said that they were migraines and that I was lucky that I didn’t feel any pain. Of course that luck didn’t last very long and soon I would develop terribly painful migraines that would last for hours once a week or so.

I was never prescribed any medication for this problem. It seems that they are a mystery to doctors and no one can seem to figure out why we get them. I suffered with these painful headaches for almost two years before they subsided. Though I have no proof, I’m 99% sure that my migraines are gone because I smoke pot fairly regularly. I believe that the enduring effects of this drug have helped me to avoid migraines on a semi-regular basis.

After I was prescribed medical marijuana for my anxiety, I noticed that I hadn’t had a bad headache in almost a month. At first I thought it was probably a coincidence. I mean, even though I would get these headaches about once a week, I had gone without them for a few weeks in the past. As the time went by I continued to be migraine free. There was no other change in my life that would have explained this. Over the last year and a half I have only have 3 migraines and they have been pretty mild compared to the ones I dealt with in the past.

I was curious if there were any ties to migraines and smoking weed so I decided to do a little research. Apparently, smoking pot slows the neurotransmitters in the brain and this is why it has been proven to work so well with people who suffer from these types of headaches.

All I know is that pot hasn’t only helped me to endure my anxiety but also helped essentially cure me of constant migraines. There is no reason why this drug shouldn’t at least be an option for people who are suffering with this painful health problem!

How I Used Pot To Help Me Endure My Anxiety


I’m 19 years old and have been dealing with severe anxiety, panic disorder and agoraphobia for about 5 years now. These three conditions often feed on themselves making life very tough. For the longest time I had to be home-schooled because I was unable to leave my home due to my high levels of anxiety. I have been on any and all medications that you can think of to help these disorders from klonopin to xanax. Not only were none of these medications any help to me, they had horrible side effects! I suffered from very severe constipation and felt like I was walking around in a daze.

When I turned 18, a little over 16 months ago, I was able to try something new. A doctor I was seeing suggested that I try medical marijuana to help with my anxiety. I was a bit skeptical at first. I had heard of using pot to help people with cancer and even cataracts, but not for stress related problems. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much but at that point I was really desperate. I was about to go away to college and didn’t know if there was any way that I would be able to make it.

After only one week of smoking weed I felt 100 times better. I was more relaxed, I slept better and I hadn’t had a panic attack for days. While I still felt fairly high levels of anxiety on a daily basis, it was tolerable. Over time, my condition seemed to get better. I usually only smoke pot a few times a week, either when I’m having a lot of trouble sleeping or if I’m dealing with very high levels of stress. I’m no longer on any other type of medication and my body finally feels centered again. The enduring effects of marijuana have helped me complete my first year at university. My parents are proud of me, my grades are amazing and I have no side effects what so ever.

This is one of the reasons why I get so upset when people put such a negative spin on pot smoking. I have learned from personal experience that not only is it harmless but it can actually help a lot of people with very serious health problems. I would never have been able to endure my anxiety issues without the help of my weed and I hope that others who might benefit from smoking will be allowed to do so.