Most Common Weed Myths

Marijuana has received the negative side of the media and the public, and is due to the irresponsible use of the substance. As a result of this, myths regarding cannabis have been spread around causing people to have the wrong impression. In fact, a majority of these myths are simply untrue and are based on no facts. Some know that the effects of marijuana are in fact very helpful for those with a poor health condition, and are actually healthier than alcohol. Below are some common myths that have been circulating, and are simply not true.

  1. Driving after consuming cannabis is worse than drunk driving – According to statistics, on average 28% of all traffic deaths are due to drunk driving. There are way less cannabis related deaths. Cannabis chickDriving a car while you’re stoned is really dangerous and nobody should ever do that, but we suspect that cannabis users are really aware of this. However, since drinking is so normal in our culture, many people still drink a couple of drinks even though they know that they still need to drive home.
  2. Legalizing marijuana will not hurt drug traffickers – This myth is not true, data has shown that drug cartels estimate 40% of their revenue is from marijuana alone. Legalizing marijuana for sale, decreases the market share for the cartel and in turn improves the country’s economy.
  3. Marijuana is the stepping stone for harder drugs – Several studies from several organizations have proved this wrong, the main logic behind this thinking is that most users of hard drugs originally started with marijuana. However, they do not account the number of users who did not move to harder drugs. In comparison, the numbers are significantly different.
  4. Marijuana make teenagers prone to troublemaking – This myth was based on a misconception in the past, and is the reason many believe this is true. However, a study of over 10,000 students in 1980 proved that it does not make teenagers troublemakers. It’s just that some teenagers are far more rebellious and willing to make trouble than others.

Marijuana has many myths surrounding, however most are usually untrue and simply based on no facts. While there are certainly people out there who understand the truth of cannabis, only some of them use them for their benefits. Fortunately, more and more research is being done to support cannabis and their effects. And as the studies further prove the positive effects, the results will help debunk these myths and shine a positive light on cannabis for the world to see.

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