How Smoking Weed Helped Me With My Migraines


Last week I talked about the anxiety disorders that I suffer from and how smoking pot has helped me endure them. Another problem that I have been dealing with since I was 16 is migraines. At first I didn’t even know what they were. I mean, I always assumed that migraines were basically just headaches on steroids but mine started out with no pain at all. What would happen is that my peripheral vision would become very blurry. It almost seemed like that part of my eye was under water. The second one didn’t happen until almost 3 months after the first. I mentioned it to my doctor and he said that they were migraines and that I was lucky that I didn’t feel any pain. Of course that luck didn’t last very long and soon I would develop terribly painful migraines that would last for hours once a week or so.

I was never prescribed any medication for this problem. It seems that they are a mystery to doctors and no one can seem to figure out why we get them. I suffered with these painful headaches for almost two years before they subsided. Though I have no proof, I’m 99% sure that my migraines are gone because I smoke pot fairly regularly. I believe that the enduring effects of this drug have helped me to avoid migraines on a semi-regular basis.

After I was prescribed medical marijuana for my anxiety, I noticed that I hadn’t had a bad headache in almost a month. At first I thought it was probably a coincidence. I mean, even though I would get these headaches about once a week, I had gone without them for a few weeks in the past. As the time went by I continued to be migraine free. There was no other change in my life that would have explained this. Over the last year and a half I have only have 3 migraines and they have been pretty mild compared to the ones I dealt with in the past.

I was curious if there were any ties to migraines and smoking weed so I decided to do a little research. Apparently, smoking pot slows the neurotransmitters in the brain and this is why it has been proven to work so well with people who suffer from these types of headaches.

All I know is that pot hasn’t only helped me to endure my anxiety but also helped essentially cure me of constant migraines. There is no reason why this drug shouldn’t at least be an option for people who are suffering with this painful health problem!

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